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There remains a certain magic in this city of mosques and markets, of sufis and storytellers.
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The low, red walls that surround the thousand-year-old Medina of Marrakesh seem to protect the city from time itself. Within these ramparts you will find relatively few monumental structures and a surprising abundance of foreign tourists, but there remains a certain magic in this city of mosques and markets, of sufis and storytellers.

Everyone comes to Marrakech having heard tales of its network of souqs, the largest of its kind in Morocco, and those who arrive with the sole aim of shopping will not leave disappointed. An avid shopper in Moroccan ware will leave loaded down with carpets, scarves and embossed leather goods among the finest on earth.

Wander past the souqs, however, and Marrakesh reveals another face. In residential districts, some silent and still, others teeming with activity, smoke streams from open grills and steam rises from under the lids of slow-cooking tajines. The call to prayer sounds and the sun begins to set, painting the snow-capped peaks of the High Atlas a pale pink.

At the heart of it all lies the celebrated Djemma el Fna, one of the greatest public squares in the world. Filled by day with the whine of snake-charmers’ pipes, by sundown the Djemma fills with dozens of open-air restaurants, sending a collective cloud of smoke high into the night sky over the rooftops of the medina. In dark corners, storytellers attract crowds of people as they have since time immemorial.

In Marrakech, you will encounter both the experiences you expect to find and the ones you never imagined discovering. 


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