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White Elephant Hotel, Nantucket

February 16, 2015
White Elephant Hotel, Nantucket

A summertime classic on Nantucket Harbor.

THE WHITE ELEPHANT, NANTUCKET, MASSACHUSETTS (20 January, 2015) – The White Elephant Hotel has been a radiant beacon on Nantucket Harbor since the early twentieth-century. Just off the coast of Massachusetts, the picturesque island of Nantucket is a world-famous destination for holidaymakers. Here, the White Elephant – repeatedly named to “best of” lists – embodies the essence of summertime in New England, its design reflecting its history and location.

The White Elephant began as the dream of a 1920s Nantucket socialite who envisioned her eclectic collection of rustic cottages would one day be a fine harborside hotel. And so her dream has been realized; the property transformed from a quaint seaside escape into the vacation destination it is today. Yet no charm has been lost as the grand but intimate hotel still retains its maritime allure and sophisticated comfort.

The White Elephant is quintessential Nantucket – gray shingles with white trim, balconies and widows’ walks, blossoming and colorful hydrangeas. Shingle architecture, first fashionable in wealthy seaside resorts at the end of the nineteenth century, epitomizes the New England beach house; designed for relaxed and casual living, its popularity has never waned. Today, splendid in gray shingles, the White Elephant rambles along the waterfront, its breezy porches embracing the harbor breeze. In front of the hotel, comfortable lounge chairs on the landscaped lawn overlook a harbor of boats ready for sailing and fishing, favorite Nantucket pastimes for locals and visitors alike.

The White Elephant houses sixty-six guest rooms, suites, and garden cottages that are elegant, comfortable, and spacious, with décor ranging from classic and neutral to whimsical and brightly colored.

With morning coffee in the library, complimentary port and cheese in the afternoon, summer cocktails on the grass, and fresh seafood at The Brant Point Grill, the White Elephant Hotel is a classic summertime retreat brimming with Nantucket character and appeal.