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Rococo Style at Buddha Bar Hotel Paris

October 16, 2014
Rococo Style at Buddha Bar Hotel Paris

Buddha Bar Hotel Paris, 4 Rue d’Anjou, Paris, France.

Tradition and modernity, France and the Far East, the eighteenth century and the twenty-first century on Paris’ Right Bank.

8th ARRONDISSEMENT, PARIS, FRANCE (October 2014) – Buddha Bar Hotel Paris occupies an eighteenth-century “hôtel particulier” on Rue d’Anjou in Paris’ 8th arrondissement. While the classic French façade disguises an exotic haven inside, Buddha Bar Hotel Paris continues the long legacy of the townhouse’s former residents who, over the centuries, have shared a passion for travel, the arts, and a fashionable lifestyle. In Buddha Bar Hotel Paris, two suites have been meticulously restored in tribute to those owners.

Nestled in the narrow streets of Paris’ historic Right Bank, Buddha Bar Hotel Paris was built in 1734 during the reign of King Louis XV. At a time when Paris was emerging as a center of commerce and culture, affluent aristocrats built private townhouses set around sun-drenched courtyards and secluded from the streets. Fittingly, the building was formerly owned by Augustin Blondel de Gagny, the General Treasurer for King Louis XV  and  Intendant in charge of the King’s entertainment and ceremonies. A famed art lover, his rich collection of eighteenth-century paintings are today scattered around the world, including in the Louvre Museum in Paris and the Tate Gallery in London. 

Private mansions were decorated and furnished in the Rococo style, with an emphasis on the comfort of interiors and the pleasure of beauty. As an exuberant and fanciful style of architecture and design, Rococo reflected France’s stake as the primary tastemaker in Europe. Rococo interiors were refined and elegant, adorned with sinuous forms and whimsical motifs. 

Craftsmen specializing in the renovation of France’s castles and palaces have restored two historic apartments in Buddha Bar Hotel Paris, named for Blondel de Gagny, on the second floor. In these visually rich rooms, wood-paneled  walls are lightly colored and reflected in grand mirrors; painted ceilings are illusionistic of a soft blue sky; intricate features and moldings are delicately highlighted with gilding; stately pink granite fireplaces are found in the bedrooms and bathrooms, and French doors open to balconies that run the length of the façade. 

This superb restoration provides a subtle backdrop for striking, Asian-inspired furnishings. As throughout Buddha Bar Hotel Paris, historic suites are a fusion of tradition and modernity, France and the Far East, the eighteenth century and the twenty-first century. George V Entertainment Group with Francois Wapler of Design Wapler & Associés have created an exquisitely designed, sophisticated, and welcoming hotel experience that is right at home in Paris’ cosmopolitan Right Bank.

Buddha Bar Hotel Paris is the new flagship property of the George V Entertainment Group, which offers visionary hotels, bars, restaurants, and spas in more than twenty locations around the world. The Buddha Bar brand is dedicated to the “art of living,” defined by a luxury lifestyle, positive energy, lavish design, and welcoming and attentive hospitality. Buddha Bar Hotel Paris offers 56 spacious bedrooms including 19 suites, as well as Le Vraymonde contemporary restaurant, Le Qu4tre lounge bar, and B/Attitude spa. The hotel’s prestigious location  provides guests with convenient access to the city’s coveted fashion boutiques, theaters, cafés, and restaurants, plus famous Parisian landmarks, Champs Élysées, Park Monceau, Place Vendôme, and the Louvre Museum (

Buddha Bar Hotel Paris — Not Just Another Hotel. It’s A Lifestyle.

For information, updates, and future package opportunities visit, email, contact your professional travel agent, or call +33-1-8396-8888 from the U.S. or France.

George V Entertainment operates Buddha Bar Hotel properties in Paris, Budapest, and Prague, with a fourth to open in Yeravan, Armenia. The brand also operates sixteen Buddha Bar restaurants and five B/Attitude spas in various locations around the world.