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Lessons in the Turkish Riviera

April 2, 2012
Lessons in the Turkish Riviera

You’ve heard of St. Tropez and Capri. You’ve been to Palma and Mykonos. But what about Bodrum? For years now Turkey’s Aegean coast has been “The Next Big Thing.” Well, it’s not ‘next’ anymore, and Aida Tours will show you the best it has to offer.

Bodrum’s picturesque historic center is home not only to a fantastical medieval castle and a lively downtown promenade lined with bars and café, it is also a hub for international jet setters, whose sailboats and yachts litter the harbor. From here, you can set out on a legendary Blue Cruise down the Aegean coast, past isolated coves and forgotten ruins.

Joie de vivre is as much a party of life in Bodrum as it is in its sister cities across Southern Europe. Spend a day exploring the region’s archaeological treasures and historic sites, explore colorful markets in small towns and soak up the sun on pristine beaches, all arranged with the expertise of Aida Tours.

Then return to Bodrum by night for a taste of some of the best nightlife the Aegean has to offer.  Like its neighbors in the Greek Isles, Bodrum transforms from a gorgeous and historic port by day to a surging center for music and dancing once the sun sets behind the forested hills.

With spring now here, and summer high season quickly approaching, now is the time to visit Bodrum. Follow the sounds of lapping waves (or the experts at Aida Tours) by day, and the sounds of thumping bass by night. Or retreat to an exquisite boutique hotels that restores this legendary city to the tranquility of days gone by in mere moments.

However you pass your time in Bodrum this summer, you’ll never again leave this enchanting Turkish city off your list of the best beach destinations on earth.

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