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Lessons in Indian Fashion

March 13, 2013
Lessons in Indian Fashion

The largest city and financial center of one of the world’s fastest growing economies, Mumbai made its fortune in textiles beginning in the 19th century. Since time immemorial, India’s traditional weaves have been among the most coveted and beautiful on earth. Today, the cotton mills that once made Mumbai’s fortune have been transformed into bars,restaurants and up-market shopping centers. Perhaps it’s appropriate. The power houses of old now hold one of India’s most exciting exports: fashion.

Arranging a trip through Banyan Tours, you can personalize your trip to visit India’s major metros for cutting edge young designers and opulent emporiums of traditional garments, or head into the countryside to see so-called ‘cottage industries’ at work. As much as food,architecture and festivals, fashion makes a great base for a personalized trip around India, from the nation’s clothing capitals of Mumbai and Delhi, to the villages throughout the country producing traditional weaves generation after generation.

Delhi’s marvelous state emporiums are a great place to start looking for good handmade crafts, while the two historic cloth markets in Mumbai (Hindmata and Magnaldas) are ideal for buying bolts of fabric. Hand-dyed and -woven textiles sell for as little as Rs.150 ($3) per yard. Buy your fabrics and ask around for a good local tailor to stitch you any garment you can think up.

For the cutting edge of local fashion, check out areas like Hauz Khas Village and Shahpur Jhat in Delhi, or Bandra and Colaba in Mumbai. Get your hands on a copy of the ELLE Hip City Guide and find listings for the best of design, clothing, housewares and more in all of India’s major metro areas.

Or take advantage of the unique expertise of Banyan Tours to organize a trip through India’s most fascinating textile-producing regions. Visit the Calico Museum in Ahmedabad then see the stunning weaves in the surreal desert region known as Kutch. Or travel through Eastern India, from Kolkata through Orissa and Andhra Pradesh to admire the stunning variety of ikats, one of the most popular varieties of textile for contemporary designers both within and outside India.

Wherever your journey takes you, you’re sure to find the inspiration you seek – be it a daring new color combination or an exciting juxtaposition of rich patterns and textures. India ensures exciting surprises at every turn. And Banyan Tours provides the guidance and peace of mind that allow you to enjoy them.

LOOK NOW: As the monsoon draws to an end and the cool season approaches, the time is right to start planning a trip through India’s most populous and popular regions. Contact Banyan now to begin personalizing your dream journey.