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Buddha-Bar Hôtel Paris is proud to have Chef Rougui Dia

August 11, 2014
Buddha-Bar Hôtel Paris is proud to have Chef Rougui Dia

Every year, the Trofémina awards celebrate the achievements of 7 talented women who stand for innovation and success in the worlds of business, culture, humanitarian aid, the media, international affairs, travel and hospitality, and fine dining. The 11th Trofémina Awards Ceremony was held on 16 June in Salle Wagram. Here, Rougui Dia, Chef at Le Vraymonde, our own contemporary restaurant, was awarded the famous Trofémina Trophy in honour of the quality of her culinary work and her role as sponsor of France’s Second-Chance School.

All staff at Buddha-Bar Hotel Paris would like to congratulate Rougui on this award, which pays tribute to a year of intense and generous commitment to her culinary art, working closely with her team. Her sole aim in doing so has been to create for you, her regular guests at Le Vraymonde, her very best cuisine.

So please feel free to offer her your personal congratulations the next time you come to Le Vraymonde restaurant to sample her cuisine – a fusion of the cultures and flavours of all five continents.

By Buddha Bar Hotel Paris